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21st Mini Print International Exhibition


Ink Shop Printmaking Center Studio Gallery, Ithaca, NY

The 21st Mini Print International is a juried exhibition of prints no larger than 4”x4”. A maximum of Four (4) original prints in any traditional or contemporary graphic process, including computer generated prints, are accepted. The Exhibition has been held bi-annually since 1985 and was founded and directed by Bev McLean who sought to challenge artists and provide an affordable form in which international art could be brought together. The Ink Shop began organizing this exciting exhibit starting with 16th Mini Print International. Our recent Mini Print shows have attracted artists from Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Estonia, Germany, Italy, Hungary, Ireland, Latvia, Poland, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Thailand, as well as many artists from the United States. Awards First Place Jim Pearson A Small Drama: Rapture Second Place Kathleen Friedrich Looking Down ll Third Place Thom O’Conner The Sisters Honorable Mention Cleo Wilkinson Then V Honorable Mention H. M. Sprague You & I Honorable Mention Anne Auld First Person Honorable Mention* Kathy Holmes Turas *funding for additional prize provided by Dan Welden

Awards Juror: Dan Welden has been a pioneer of alternative printmaking since 1970. Nationally and internationally recognized master printmaker, he was the first artist to initiate Solarplate and waterbased monotype workshops, placing him squarely in the vanguard of healthy and safe creative practice. We are very pleased to be hosting his new work in our current exhibit Aesop’s Fables (Color Sequel)

2021 Mini Print International Artists Anne Auld • Pat Bacon • Gerald Bailey • J. M. Barringer • Supit Boontham • Cynthia Cratsley • Debra Dudick • Colleen Dwire • Leslie Ford • Kathleen Friedrich • Colin Gillespie • Elizabeth Grantham • Nadia Holcomb • Kathy Holmes • Sarah Hopkins • Julianne Hunter • Robert Hunter • Rebecca Godin • Erin Ibo • Maria-Alejandra Icaza Paredes • Andre Kalenak • Isao Kobayashi • Sasja Lucas • Julia Ludwig • Bernadette Madden • Heidi Marschner • Judy Mensch • James Mullen • Yoshiaki Murakami • Thom O’Connor • Akiko Okajima • Barbara Ortelli Pin • Jim Pearson • DeAnn L. Prosia • Chaivut Ruamrudeekool • Mika Sakimoto • Victoria Savka • Sigrid Sperzel • H.M. Sprague • Oliver Stern • Yoshihiro Tsuji • Lara Vaienti • Lydia Waterman • Cleo Wilkinson • Christa Wolf • Joe Ziolkowski •

Sono presente alla 21st Mini Print International Exhibition con tre Mini Print

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