L'ombra che cercava 

la sua luce

Leggendo La Corsia nr. 6 di Anton Čechov, ho sentito in maniera prepotente il bisogno di tradurre in immagini quel che provavo. 

Immagini per me innaturali, opache, mute, dolorose, claustrofobiche... quei muri invalicabili, come scatole, come abiti costruiti su misura, con la paura che fa da fondamenta e velo. 

E così il “diverso” è rimosso, messo a tacere. Senza lasciare traccia scompare.

Come provocare una “crepa”, l’ombra che cerca ancora la luce?




The 23 illustrations in this silent book - a book of illustrations without words - invite readers of all ages to reflect on the state of oceans and their inhabitants. Plastic, microplastic and pollution of the oceans. Fleeting emotions quickly forgotten. Individual and collective responsibility. Indifference. 

What will become of the sea? We hear people talking about this problem more and more often. But we aren’t solving it. Quite the opposite, sometimes we would prefer not to hear about it at all. This book doesn’t aim to talk about it either: it just seeks a break from our bad habits, reflection, a pinch of conscience. Humans and the sea. While walking barefoot on a beach we try to look beyond and still further beyond the surface because our actions will be our legacy. 



In more than 30 illustrations and short bilingual texts (english and italian), Venice is seen through the eyes of a dreamer. A slow rhythm, for all those who love her beauty and weave past and present as they walk. Amore and color for a city meant for sharing.




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Illustratrice - artista

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